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Solid Chrome Films is currently in first steps to embark on an exciting new film/media project titled: DESTROYER OF WORLDS.

VIEW THE NEW UPDATE: An AUDIO/VISUAL Readthrough of a direct from Script Scene.

Solid Chrome Films Film Production

For movies it all starts on the page. See Solid Chrome Films screenplay writing. Read script writing samples and track their progress in the Film Industry.



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Parker Briscoe is an aspiring Film Producer with talents in Writing, Graphic Design and Film/Video Editing. He has his own 'Solid Chrome' Studio and is constantly producing projects for notice in the Film Industry.

The Art of Movie Making. From Shorts to Features, Parker has worked on them. View productions and watch his award winning short film "FOLKLORE" on IMDB.

A cartoonist since youth, Parker is an animator with special love for all things cartoons. Watch some of his small animations and keep on top of his latest projects.

My name is PARKER BRISCOE, Please browse my Website.

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