• A constant writer of movies being read in the Film Industry.


  • Currently in developing an Animated feature film Sci-Fi Thriller titled "DESTROYER OF WORLDS".
  • Short Film "Folklore" won 'Best Mini-Fantasy' and 'Best Editing' award at Modesto Shockerfest film festival, 2007. Credit recognized by IMDB in 2009.
Parker Briscoe is an aspiring filmmaker and graphic artist since youth with talent in animation and film/video editing. Parker also writes many spec screenplays for himself and others. Parker does have recognition on IMDB as the film producer for a short film titled FOLKLORE that has played in theaters for film festivals.

My name is PARKER BRISCOE, Please browse my Website.

Film Producer

  • Attended Vancouver Film School 1 year 3D animation degree program 2002-2003.


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  • Attended University of Regina Saskatchewan 1988-1990 in film/video degree program.

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