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Film Producer

  • A constant writer of movies being read in the Film Industry.

  • Attended University of Regina Saskatchewan 1988-1990 in film/video degree program.


my story

  • Short Film "Folklore" won 'Best Mini-Fantasy' and 'Best Editing' award at Modesto Shockerfest film festival, 2007. Credit recognized by IMDB in 2009.
  • Attended Vancouver Film School 1 year 3D animation degree program 2002-2003.
Parker Briscoe is an aspiring filmmaker and graphic artist since youth with talent in animation and film/video editing. Parker also writes many spec screenplays for himself and others. Parker does have recognition on IMDB as the film producer for a short film titled FOLKLORE that has played in theaters for film festivals.


My name is PARKER BRISCOE, Please browse my Website.

  • Currently in development with a first feature film. A horror story titled "RUBBER BABY', slated for production in 2016.

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