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Are you into the HORROR or has this project scared you away? The 35page screenplay is completed. Innovative filming is planned to bring this story to the screen. A top notch horror film to turn some Hollywood heads in the direction of Solid Chrome Films is the goal... AND this is not a Vampire, Werewolf, Zombie movie!


Parker Briscoe of SOLID CHROME FILMS has desired for a long time to create a horror film that would become his first feature length movie to produce, and is not about Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies. His personal interests, experiences and studies lead him to write a feature horror film titled RUBBER BABY that originally dealt with the subject of a person selling his soul to the Devil.

More depth to the story emerged as a fascination with fringe Artists like musician Charlie Parker and writers William S. Burroughs and Hunter Thompson began to take root in the themes. The story then became not a mere "Sell your soul to the Devil", but was about addiction. And the addiction is actually the Devil. Hard drug use is the addiction tackled in this tale.

The original feature length script had mixed reviews, but was not disliked. Rubber Baby did make the Quarterfinals with the ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Competition 2015. Plans to film the movie in 2016 were looking less and less as rewrites, money and time seemed to be against the production.

So Parker reworked the story with no longer the selling soul to the Devil storyline. What has now emerged is a tale about a drug addicted Artist battling the demons of his past and is haunted by ghosts in an inner city hotel room as he craves drugs and can no longer create.

A month of filming in August 2016 took place, but was not completed. An edit of the the first 12 minutes is currently completed. Final filming is slated for 2018 as Parker is building his Production team at present.

With only a low budget and filming in a small town (Kindersley, Saskatchewan) that is suppose to look like an urban ghetto with street persons, the acting group KINDERSLEY PLAYERS joined the production.


SOLID CHROME FILMS is currently in Production with a horror film titled RUBBER BABY with film shooting happening in Canadian locations: Alberta and Saskatchewan. The following website page is an informative detail of the project to promote its production for filming in August 2018.


In production


RUBBER BABY now has a Director of Photography and all actors cast. Funding with the "Owen Hart Foundation" is being considered. 

Filming will take place in:

* Saskatchewan - Grungy hotel set, small meat packers.

* Alberta -  Old alleyways & streets.

​12 minutes of the film has been completed thanks to the talent of supportive artists. The following pictures are of myself constructing the hotel set, and Robert Anderson constructing a weird Carnival set with makeup FX as part of the story.


RUBBER BABY takes place in present day. The setting is the inner city of a large metropolis where the homeless, prostitutes and drug addicts live in the grungy streets, old buildings and dark alleys. The main character, THE JUNKY, is a writer and older drug user of heroin. He keeps to himself in a small dirty inner city hotel room. He is plagued by nightmares and struggles each day with his addiction. His life sapped of his creative drive to write.

Forced one day with the decision to pawn his typewriter off for drug money he meets a young woman, VIVIAN, a crack addict living on the streets. At first they dislike each other, but the Junky discovers that she ran away from her abusive drug pusher boyfriend, COWBOY.

Vivian hides away with the Junky in his hotel room. The two then become closer as strange supernatural happenings occur and Vivian suddenly becomes the Junky's muse, giving him the will to write. The Junky begins to question everything around him as he tries to understand if Vivian is real or is she a ghost.

Cowboy, however, is on the prowl for her, ready to kill her and whoever she is with.


* THE JUNKY (Parker Briscoe) - An old school writer with a tragic past that put him into hard heroin drug addiction. 

* VIVIAN (Kseniia Piquette) - Age 27. Once attractive, but is addicted to crack cocaine making her look hard and older. She is a mystery though as she seems to be running away from her abusive boyfriend. But the Junky questions her as his feelings for her bring back his past and makes him feel she is actually a ghost.

* COWBOY - Age 32. The Antagonist. A very self confident streetwise drug pusher with a very threatening personality. Searching for Vivian, his run away girlfriend.